Wild Notes: Sunday Travels to the Wildlife Metropolis

I have a routine of sunday walkabouts in the back woods. There’s been 8 or so now. The necessities are: at least an hour but preferably unlimited, binoculars, camera, phone, and wet-resistant boots. The time criteria seems to work out best on sundays.

I go out with the same openness I used when I lived near boston. There, I wandered plannlessly into the city with spirits surrounded in brown paper, ready to watch or engage with any situation that unfolded itself. Here, I enter the woods, open and ready to observe whatever the forest wants to show me.

The metropolis of wildlife was showing off it’s spring. As soon as the theme was detected, I snapped photos of unfurling and young growth. It was especially apparent because I got to know the forest during the white and brown dormant winter. I always have the grand intention of identifying everything I photograph, later. But. It doesn’t always happen. What has helped for identifying local wildlife is iNaturalist. I’ve been using it a few weeks and I’ve already learned lots.

quaking-aspen leaves

ladybug in white pine new growth

Prepared to unfurl

A fiddlehead push

Furry newborn beech leaves

Ostrich fern fiddleheads


Yellow trout lilly