Wild Notes: Red-Tailed Hawk’s Favorite Spot

There’s a spot in corner of our forest that has become a favorite. It borders a fence following 89 north and a barbed wired fence of the neighbors farm. What makes it a favorite is the giant, multi-species, up-rooted tree, and what happened today.

Today was my second time visiting the corner. When arriving, I was greeted with distant screeches. High above, two red-tailed hawks were circling (I confirmed they were RTHs with my bird app). They kept screeching for a while, so I decided it was something to do with mating, or I was near their turf. They certainly weren’t sneaking up on any prey with that ruckus. After standing in awe at the hawks for a while I moved on. I felt like they wanted me gone. When I was a good 50 yards away, one of them perched in a tall pine near where I had been. The only explanation is that we share an affinity for this spot.

Old wire fence on wood posts in the foreground, new fence on metal posts in the back