Things I Wrote

Thoughts about design, samples of work, and nature-walk notes.

Design Process

October, 2017

Using the same process over and over can help focus more energy on the actual work.

Animal Tracks

September, 2017

Photos of animal tracks in the snow and my attempt at identification, taken from early 2017 to spring.

In-Law Brewing Logo

September, 2017

New branding for a new brewery in Upstate New York. They weren’t happy with the results from an online logo contest, but they had a solid concept for the logo in mind.

Sunday Travels to the Wildlife Metropolis

May, 2017

I have a routine of sunday walkabouts in the back-woods. There have been 8 or so now. The necessities are: at least an hour but preferably unlimited, binoculars, camera, phone, and wet-resistant boots.

The Walk that Confirmed Spring

April, 2017

The sun is blaring and it feels extra warm because we’ve all spent six months being acclimated to winter. I head out behind my neighboring townhouses to explore the woods.

Red-Tailed Hawk’s Favorite Spot

April, 2017

There’s a spot in corner of our forest that has become a favorite. It borders a fence following 89 north and a barbed wired fence of the neighbors farm.

Branding Projects

January, 2016

Collection of recent branding projects.

Why I Don’t Have Set Prices

November, 2015

I wrote an article for the Freelance to Freedom Project about using the gift-economy for contract work.

Alternatives to Blatantly Copying Designs

October, 2015

I wrote an article for the Freelance to Freedom Project about how to fight the urge to copy Dropbox’s design.

Experimenting in the Gift Economy

October, 2014

My experience working for a new client without a normal contract, but with a mutual understanding that I would give him a site and he would repay what he felt was right.

Bark Moon Challenge

February, 2017

I photographed and identified trees from their bark everyday from the time it takes the moon to complete a cycle.