Web design that achieves goals,
in the gift-economy

I've been a designer my entire life and I love sharing that experise with others. It’s moved from sketching to graphic design to the web.

I design and develop websites that are mobile friendly, easy to run and easy to use. Redesigns, tweaks or from the ground up.

rock and roll daycare screenshot

Just launched: Rock and Roll Daycare

Complete redesign from dated WordPress site. Administration can now edit content, staff, locations and availability

creative wood designs screenshot

Just launched: Creative Wood Designs

Keith and I worked together to bring his seven year website back up to date. The onboarding process has been smoothed out and he can now update content easily.


Working in the gift means honoring the handshake.

It is an pricing model built on trust and gratitude. Something that I think the world could use more of.

I try to keep it simple. We discuss your project. I give you the standard market rates for the work and you can offer a down-payment to get started. After design and building, the project is yours and the price is up to you. This way your satisfaction stays the top priority and you pay what is fair.

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