One of those Designer Developer Naturalist hybrids.

I’ve been designing for 10 years. Currently, I work as a Designer for iMarket creating lead generating websites for contractors. We don’t use templates. Each one is from scratch and customized to the client’s branding. The site’s designs have sharply improved since the launch of our Conversion Principles. Design decisions are easier to make and to explain when you can point to a best practice.

I check with Development to rein in my wilder ideas, and take my rough words to Content to get them smoothed and sanded. Here’s some recent collaborations:

A List of Interest

Design systems. UX. The Design Community. Productive meetings. Tiny music venues. Canoe camping. Winter Hiking. Drums not drum machines. Citizen science. Learning Polish. Daddydom. Destroying apathy. Growing food. Crêpes. Gift economy. Chomsky.