Client-facing web consultant

Work with someone who has been in the design industry for a decade.

I have developed and designed directly with clients and alongside agencies. Remote or on-site (if you’re in northern Vermont). I don’t prefer to be in the back cubicle apart from customers. Bring me into a meeting to talk design, UI, UX, strategy, marketing or development.


I’m accommodating with time commitments. So there is little risk to bringing me on to your team. One week, two weeks or one month at a time. Expand your team slowly, with confidence.


We web designers get a bad-rap for building sites then running off. I'm not going anywhere and I'd like to help change that perception. Planning for post-launch support will be built into our initial plan.

Available for hire, as a

  1. Sole website builder

    Need a redesign, brand new site or some updates? We’ll discuss, make a plan, then get to it. Along the way, I’ll give regular updates about progress. It can be frustrating when you don’t know exactly what the mechanic is talking about. I’ll break everything down until we’re on the same page. I’ve been in those shoes before - they’re not very comfortable.

  2. Part of a team

    Need a mock-up, landing page or have a CSS organizational issue? Hit me up. I catch up to speed quickly on projects and work with both sides of that dev / designer isle. A devsigner who can fill in the cracks of your team.

Email or texting works (315 256 1506)